Huawei's Smart 5G Warehouse - Future of Logistics

Huawei has been working in Indonesia for a while for rolling out public and private 5G networks. Back in November 2023, Huawei was presenting their 5G vision for Indonesia. Earlier this year, a feature length article in SCMP talked about the capabilities of Huawei's smart warehouse systems that has improved efficiency and safety in Netherlands and Hungary.

Recently, Huawei, in collaboration with Indonesia's state-owned telecommunication provider Telkomsel, launched a 5G smart warehouse, the first of its kind in Indonesia, aiming to support the country's digital transformation. 

Located at Bekasi regency, West Java province, the warehouse is equipped with large bandwidth and low latency. The warehouse staff can give instructions to automated guided robotic vehicles to transport goods quickly to designated spots.

Warehouse managers can also use digital twins and real-time data analysis to optimize inventory management and prevent stockouts. This technology is considered time-effective and can help improve order processing efficiency by 25 percent.

Huawei Indonesia CEO Guo Hailong said 5G technology can be a new push that will enable Indonesia to achieve sustainable digital development, and the warehouse is a testament to the value that 5G technology can bring to traditional industries in Indonesia.

Director of Network at Telkomsel Indra Mardiatna said that the innovation of 5G warehouse is expected to be utilized by all logistics industries in Indonesia, so that Indonesia can drive industrial revolution.

Details are available here. The video below shows how a smart warehouse can solve intralogistics challenges:

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