Ericsson Video on 5G for the Mining Industry

To be relevant for any industry, 5G must support any service or application required, in a flexible and efficient way. Different services or use-cases pose different requirements on 5G. 

For the mining business Ericsson visualises two very different examples, spanning the space of 5G...

  • Remote control of vehicles and machines: Remote control of equipment increases productivity, since you can enter the mine shorter time after a blast and shorten the process cycle time. Also, safety is improved, since you can avoid having personnel in the most dangerous areas.
  • Smart ventilation and millions of sensors: Optimal ventilation control can give substantial savings – a lot of energy is spent on pushing fresh air down a mine. Sensors for controlling ventilation typically do not have high requirements on the connectivity, but they may be many (millions) and you need to analyze a lot of sensor data in almost real-time to make the ventilation-control efficient.

The following video explains this further: