Private 5G for Industry 4.0

BI-REX is one of the 8 Italian Competence Centers funded by the Italian Ministry of the Economic Development, within the Industry 4.0 National Plan. The public-private Consortium, born in 2018, has the headquarter in Bologna (Italy) and gathers in partnership 56 players among Universities, Research Centers and Companies of excellence with their main focus is on Big Data. 

Their mission is to support companies in their digitalization and innovation processes and in the adoption of enabling technologies with a view to Industry 4.0. The ultimate aim being to facilitate the exchange of “best practices” and Technology Transfer.

Their Pilot Plant is an advanced production line, where new Industry 4.0 technologies are integrated with traditional ones, in a digitally interconnected environment. It is a smart factory where companies and professionals involved in Industry 4.0 context can test high added value solutions and processes. The Pilot Plant has been designed in order to:

  • make available a production area for Test Before Invest activities;
  • support technological innovation of enterprises;
  • support BI-REX services such as "hands on" training and business orientation.

At Athonet's UPTIME 2022, Stefano Cattorini, General Director, Bi-Rex did a presentation on Private 5G for Industry 4.0. His talk is embedded below and slides available here.

Talks and presentations from UPTIME 2022 are available here.