Lotte World (Korea's largest amusement park) Equipped with P5G for Immersive Parallel Reality Experience

Last year, Newgens, a South Korean System Integrations company was approved as a Private 5G Enterprise Solutions Provider by the government and allocated spectrum in 4.7GHz (4.72-4.82GHz) as well as 28GHz (28.9-29.5GHz).

The main use case is to provide a Immersive parallel reality experience service for Atlantis, a ride at Lotte World. You can watch a video of the ride here.

Atlantis is equipped with a 5G 28GHz transmission module with built-in camera and motion sensor. The transmission module sends video and motion data to the motion simulator through a private 5G network. Visitors seated in the motion simulator can virtually experience the realistic attraction. Users like the elderly and children, who were previously unable to enjoy offline attractions, can now ejoy the ride without fear or restrictions.

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