Private Networks are Popular in Manufacturing, Education and Mining

GSA's Private-Mobile-Networks February-2023 Summary Report highlighted that in Q4 2022, the number of customers deploying private mobile networks reached 1,077. This is a net addition of 122 customer references, up from 955 in the Q3 2022. It is also worth pointing out that GSA counts customer references as unique organisations or government entities deploying one or more 3GPP-based 4G LTE or 5G networks in a given country that are worth more than €100,000.

As you can see the picture on the top highlights the verticals and use cases where these 1077 deployments have taken place. Manufacturing, Education and Mining are clear winners, followed by Defence and peacekeeping, and Power utilities.

Firecell has a fantastic summary post on Transforming Smart Manufacturing with Private 5G Networks here while iBwave has a fantastic one on Accurate Private Network Design being the Key to Smart Mining here.

Both these posts are worth a read in addition to the GSA report highlighted above.