Samsung and NAVER Cloud launch Korea’s first private 5G network in the construction sector

Samsung Electronics and NAVER Cloud have joined forces to offer private 5G network services to Hoban Construction, a leading construction company. This collaboration aims to enhance communication and connectivity within construction sites, promoting efficiency and safety. 

By leveraging Samsung's expertise in 5G technology and NAVER Cloud's cloud-based solutions, the partnership will provide Hoban Construction with a dedicated 5G network for their exclusive use. This private network will enable seamless communication, real-time data sharing, and advanced applications to streamline operations and optimize productivity on construction sites. The initiative showcases the potential of P5G networks in transforming industries and driving innovation in diverse sectors.

The press release says:

Samsung Electronics has announced an expansion of its collaboration with NAVER Cloud to launch a private 5G network for Hoban Construction, a leading construction, property development and manufacturing company. This network will be the first of its kind in the Korean construction sector, enabling the three companies to combine various 5G applications to enhance worksite safety and efficiency.

This expanded private 5G network collaboration follows Samsung’s announcement with NAVER Cloud in 2022, when the companies launched a private 5G network at NAVER’s new headquarters to power autonomous mobile robots.

Wireless communication is an essential part of environments supporting highly mobile workers and machinery. Samsung and NAVER Cloud’s collaboration underlines 5G networks’ ability to significantly improve worksite operations and will include a variety of next-generation applications to enhance Hoban Construction’s workflow. New construction industry-specific 5G applications that will be utilized at the company’s worksite include:

  • Drone-based high-resolution monitoring will provide live inspection videos, reducing the need for on-site visits and enabling issues to be detected earlier.
  • IoT concrete strength sensors will support real-time monitoring of concrete temperature and strength, providing real-time, accurate information during the curing phase.
  • Construction site management solutions will help keep track of construction progress and optimize project outcomes. They will allow workers both on- and off-site to track progress, view floor plans and share updates through visual dashboards.
  • Smart safety jackets are equipped with gas detection sensors, 140-degree full HD cameras and safety buttons, creating a safer working environment by enabling potential safety risks to be detected earlier.
  • Real-time CCTV video monitoring will help reduce on-site hazards and errors with 4K video streaming capabilities. With wireless transmission support, CCTV cameras can be easily installed throughout worksites.

These 5G applications will streamline communications for human-to-human, machine-to-machine and human-to-machine interactions, helping Hoban Construction improve on-site collaboration and allocate resources more effectively.

A video explaining this is embedded below:

The following image from Netmanias shows the spectrum allocated for private networks in Korea.

Most deployments worldwide are in mid-band but vendors, operators and industries are looking at how to made use of higher bands that have very high bandwidths available for private networks use.