Belden Presentation on 'Time sensitive networks over private 5G'

Athonet's UPTIME 2023 conference brought together an audience of Private 5G and LTE professionals, from all over the world, in two days of meetings and conferences broadcast live on webstream to deepen and discuss the scenarios and use cases of the 5G universe. It was held on June 8-9, 2023 at Villa Grifone Bologna, Italy.

In his talk, 'Time sensitive networks over private 5G', Artur Wachtel, Principal Architect Technology Value @ Belden CTO office, talked about Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) over private 5G, in particular addressing time synchronization issues. His talk is embedded below:

You can read Artur's views on this topic on LinkedIn post here. You can download this and other presentations from UPTIME 2023 website here.

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