MPNs for critical infrastructure in Belgium

Citymesh claims to be the European leader and expert in the construction of private 4G & 5G networks and WiFi as a Service, with more than 50 MPN’s deployed. 

At Athonet's Uptime 2023 conference, Robin Leblon, CTO of Citymesh gave a talk on 'MPNs for critical infrastructure in Belgium'. The slides from his talk are available here and the video of the talk as follows:

A lot of case studies are available on their website here.

Earlier this year, in a news article RCR Wireless reported:

Citymesh has launched 70 5G-connected ‘safety drones’ to support local emergency services. The new service, branded SENSE, will provide “police stations and fire stations” in Belgium with a 15-minute visual head-start to collect critical information about incidents before emergency services arrive on the scene. Citymesh said 4K video images are sent from the drones to control rooms via a “5G network from Citymesh”. 

Emergency services in the country have been issued with the SENSE ‘drones-in-a-box’ solution. The project was trialled in 2018 with services in the Fluvia fire brigade in Kortrijk, in West Flanders, as well as with the Brussels Airport Company (BAC) at Brussels Airport, and port authority at the Port of Antwerp-Bruges. The first “full integration” was completed for fire and police services in Genk in mid-2022.

We are looking forward to hearing more from them in the next year.