Industry 4.0 – Digital Transformation Enabled by Private Networks

At MWC 2024, Sandeep Raithatha, Head of Innovation and 5G Private Networks at Virgin Media O2 Business, UK and Dario Cesena, CEO of Geprom, Part of Telefónica Tech presented a session on Industry 4.0 at the Telefonica stand. The session brought together these top experts and visionaries to delve into the transformative impact of 5G private networks across multiple sectors, including manufacturing and healthcare and explored how 5G technology is redefining industries and enabling innovative applications.

Key discussion points included:

  • The Manufacturing Revolution: 5G private networks are driving the emergence of smart factories, streamlining production processes, and enhancing productivity.Digital transformation of factories based on an end-to-end value proposition; from consulting to integration, we’ll discuss real examples from the industry including:
    • SEAT Martorell, the third largest factory of the VW Group in Europe, the first plant in Spain with a production capacity of up to 2,400 vehicles per day, 1 every 30 seconds
    • British Sugar, the producers of sugar in the UK, and their UK first mutli-site private network which helps workers stay connected as they process 8m tonnes of sugar beet a year
  • Healthcare Transformation: From IoT-enabled devices to real-time data sharing, 5G is helping improve patient care and resource management. With a private network underpinning a hospital, there are a raft of benefits and efficiencies to be tapped, including real examples from South London and Maudsley Hospital trust’s work with Virgin Media O2 Business.
  • Connectivity for Critical Infrastructure: Private networks bolster the resilience of critical infrastructure, from utilities to transportation, ensuring robust and secure communications.
  • Security and Data Privacy: In an increasingly digital world, security is a priority for all businesses. Challenges and solutions related to maintaining the security and privacy of data in a 5G-connected world can be addressed with a private network.
  • Future Prospects: Providing a glimpse of the possibilities that 5G private networks can unlock for a range of industries. Including insights and learnings from other experts based on their implementation journeys with 5G standalone and private networks.

The video of the talk is embedded below. If start timings does not work, the talk is actually from 06:21:55 to 07:02:41.

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