Fujitsu Highlights Private Networks Success, Potential and Use Cases

Earlier this year, Carlos Cordero, CTO, Fujitsu Technology Solutions predicted that 2023 will be the year of private 5G networks. His reasoning was that the biggest roadblock to private networks was the availability of Spectrum. Many countries including UK, Germany, Japan and the US has already made spectrum available for free or for a very small fee that is allowing private 4G/5G deployments going forward.

In addition to the above there are now many different vendors with multiple solutions, there are security specialists and multiple solutions to allow secure solutions to be deployed. There is also an interest from hyperscalers who are looking to private networks not just for hosting the network and solutions but also the content in their cloud and edge solutions to provide low-latency for every possible use case.

Here is a video shared by Fujitsu looking at how private 5G will realize smart plants in the future:

You can read further details on Fujitsu's website here. There is also a Private 5G eBook available here and a document on Use cases of private 5G in the manufacturing site is available here.

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