Port of Kokkola's Private LTE Network in Finland

Back in June 2021, the third largest general port in Finland, Port of Kokkola and Edzcom, a leading private wireless LTE operator, together with Nokia, signed a four-year agreement for planning, building and operating a private LTE network. The port utilizes this digital platform in its own operations and assumes the role of a micro-operator offering private wireless network connectivity to local companies within the port. 

Quoting from the article:

Port of Kokkola is a demanding environment with massive data transfer needs across its various operations, which include security, device service and control systems, rescue and other vehicles as well as the steering of port functions. Acknowledging of such demand, Ukkoverkot has designed the private LTE-network that enables efficient and safe port digitalization. 

“It’s challenging to create data transfer channels in the vast, 500 ha port area. At first, we considered using Wi-Fi, but an LTE network is superior thanks to its security, reliability and pervasive coverage. At the same time, we can commercialize our network by offering slices to other actors in the area,” says Jyrki Roukala, development manager from Port of Kokkola. 

Industries and other parties of strategic importance, like ports, increasingly use micro-network connectivity on their own radio frequency. The infrastructure is tailored according to their needs for capacity, usability and coverage. 

“The private LTE-network that we will deliver to Port of Kokkola utilizes Nokia Digital Automation Cloud on Ukkoverkot’s 2.6 GHz frequency. One benefit of this platform is the opportunity for our customer to become a micro-operator as it scales according to their digitalization strategy. This collaboration is a natural next step in our focus on logistics and industrial companies’ digitalization projects, and it strengthens our leading position as a provider of private LTE networks,” says Jouko Tuppurainen, director, Ukkoverkot. 

“We are very proud to support the Port of Kokkola in their future forward efforts to digitalize and drive business development. The port infrastructure is a demanding environment, in which multiple actors require reliable, high capacity connectivity making Nokia Digital Automation Cloud an excellent fit. Likewise, this Nokia solution is ideal for the Port of Kokkola to access and leverage large pools of IoT data for more intelligent, efficient and sustainable port operations,” says Stephan Litjens, General Manager Nokia Digital Automation.

This video was shared by Nokia earlier this year:

According to GSA, Seaports are one of the top 10 markets for private 4G/5G networks.