Private Cellular in Offshore Wind Farms

Vilicom was acquired by BAI Communications (BAI) in 2021 and now part of Boldyn Networks. Vilicom has deployed many high performance 4G and 5G mobile and cellular coverage solutions, with over 1,500 solutions deployed as of 2021. It has been providing a range of specialist wireless services including consultancy, design, optimisation, testing and systems integration to support the delivery of private, indoor and offshore networks. Its customers span a range of sectors including healthcare, real-estate, retail, hospitality, energy, and mobile network operators. Major projects included Dublin Airport T2, premiership football stadiums, iconic Irish stadium Croke Park, Bristol Myres Squibb’s billion-dollar biologics plant, as well as the Moray East offshore windfarm in Scotland where Vilicom designed a bespoke private network covering an area of 295km².

Athonet's UPTIME 2023 conference brought together an audience of Private 5G and LTE professionals, from all over the world, in two days of meetings and conferences broadcast live on webstream to deepen and discuss the scenarios and use cases of the 5G universe. It was held on June 8-9, 2023 at Villa Grifone Bologna, Italy.

In his talk, 'Private Cellular in Offshore Wind Farms', Donal O'Sullivan, Head of Solution Innovation at Vilicom, talked about private networks for offshore and some of their other industrial projects. His talk is embedded below:

The slides of his presentation are here.

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