Japan's Hanshin Electric Railway's Local 5G Network

Private 5G has many different names and is known as 'Local 5G' in Japan. Netmanias shared a PoC of a Local 5G use case in Japan of Hanshin Electric Railway where the private network is being trialled for preventing safety accidents at train stations and railroad crossings, instant inspection of facilities between train stations, and emergency response in train cabins. 

The railway industry in Japan faces problems from manpower shortages caused by a decline in the working-age population and from improving passenger transportation safety.

To address these challenges, Hanshin conducted a local 5G demonstration test on the Hanshin Main Line in January-February 2023 to prevent safety accidents at train stations and railroad crossings, respond to in-vehicle emergencies, and instantly inspect facilities between train stations.

The test utilized local 5G, AI video analytics, and cameras (ground cameras at train stations/crossings, in-vehicle security cameras, and vehicle front cameras).

Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) shared a video (no sound) of this PoC, embedded below:

Hanshin shared a write-up on this topic here (PDF). Netmanias has translated them as can be seen in the picture below.

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