Advancing Digitalization and Sustainability for a Smarter and Greener Port

GSMA's Asia Pacific (APAC) 5G Industry Community (AP5GIC) regularly hosts some interesting webinars and online seminars. A recent webinar explored how to advance Digitalisation and Sustainability for A Smarter and Greener Port and enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

The recording is embedded as follows:

The agenda is as follows:

  • Port of Future - Smarter and Greener Port: Terence Wong, Head of APAC 5G Industry Community, GSMA
  • Keynote – Real case study on a Smart Port in Thailand: Mr. Pongsatorn Pimol, Head of Telco Network and Business Solution, AIS
  • Keynote – Deployment of 5G in Europe's Port: Guo Song, Product Manager, China Mobile International
  • Keynote -  The Role of 5G in Enhancing Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Monitoring and Management: Kinson Chan, CEO, eSIX
  • Panel with Q&A – Explore the impact of 5G-Advanced on logistics. Massive IoT, Redcap and Passive IoT, will revolutionize goods handling, trade information, and distribution.
    • Moderator: John Tay, Founder and President, ChangeMaker
    • Panellists:
      • Johan Affendi, Head of Business Technology, Enterprise Business Division, Celcomdigi
      • Dr PS Tang, Steering Committee Member, GTI
      • David Smith, Head of Ecosystems, Huawei SPO Lab

The slides have not been made available.

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