Private 5G and their Real-world Use Cases in South Korea

Private 5G adoption in Far Eastern countries like China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan is much more prevalent than in other parts of the world.

We have often blogged about use cases from Japan and Korea thanks to Netmanias. Recently they have shared some more useful resources on Private 5G deployments and use cases from South Korea.

P5G spectrum has been available in South Korea since 2021. As a result, numerous organizations have started to deploy private 5G networks for their digital transformation since 2022. As of Dec. 2023, 48 P5G sites had been built. A 47-page report titled 'Private 5G in Korea 2023' is available to download from here.

Another post here provides a short summary of 31 use cases of P5G networks. Sectors covered include Logistics, Shipbuilding, R&D Institutes, Training, Healthcare, Steel Plant, Manufacturing, Factory, Defense, Government, Amusement park, Energy plants and Offices.

Both reports are worth a look.

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